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It’s been a while…

And a while, it certainly has.

My last entry here was almost 2 years ago, and my what a lot has changed. I kind of stumbled back onto this blog by chance as I was scrolling through my feed on BlogLovin and was happily surprised that I had not deleted it.

Some things are still the same, like my love for singing and performing, my devotion to working out, my struggle to be myself and own my journey, but I’m done with school and now working full time. That has proved to be a struggle in and of itself- I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that transitioning from being a student for over 16 years, to joining the workplace and becoming entirely financially independent, is no small feat! Now rather than forcing myself to workout in ways that make me unhappy, I’ve maintained a regular yoga practice for the past 8 months. It helps keep me centered and has really allowed me to embrace mindfulness and (try to!) come from a place of kindness when I am being hard on myself.

I’m still in Boston, and fortunate to be living with my best friend, but I’m beginning to wonder if this is the city I want to stay in. Yes, I have a stable job and living situation, but based on my less-than-stellar past audition season, am I really in the best location to maximize my opportunities to “make it”? And what even is “making it” to me anymore? I feel like there are so many questions rolling around in my head about whether I should stay or go or abandon this particular dream altogether! I love to perform, but do I love it enough to spend years on end occupying foreign hotel rooms by myself, flying to a new city every 6 weeks to perform a show and forge relationships with people I may never see again, over and over and over again? How important is my desire for a family? Do I want or expect a husband or children to follow me where I go?


These are just a few of the ramblings that have come loose from my brain in the past few months, and that I felt I needed to release ‘on paper’ so to speak. I think I’ll be frequenting this space a lot more, now that I’ve rediscovered it.


And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts- be they on changing careers, making difficult decisions, or how to start your 401K. Yes, #adulting is now happening BIG TIME.



Happiness Starts Here

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I’m still here!

Hey there!

Wow it’s been a loooong time since I’ve blogged! I am tempted to apologize for being MIA, but at the same time I’m totally not sorry.

I have been living my life and going with the flow, be it impromptu movie nights with my friends, lunch with the boy, or any other sort of fun I can think up. I’ve been pretty productive too, working on music for my end-of-year jury in a couple weeks, and I’ve been feeling pretty dang awesome about my voice.

Although I wasn’t really in any shows this semester, many of my good friends were, and experiencing it through their eyes helped me feel a little bit closer to the whole process.

The truth is, I’ve thought about blogging several times since I’ve put it on hold, but more often than not, when I’m having an issue I used to feel like writing about- now my go-to is to talk it out with someone. Not to say that my problems have somehow vanished into mid-air, but I don’t feel like blogging about them is what I really need right now.

I hope to continue updating here occasionally, but I think it may end up being less frequent than before: maybe once or twice a week.

I hope you’re having a really marvelous Sunday and celebrating Easter, or 4/20, or just the beautiful sunshine.

Happiness Starts Here

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The Headlines

Today I read the news! I had stockpiled so many Skimm articles in my email that I was afraid to even read one because it seemed like an insurmountable feat to ever get caught up. So I did what I should have done last week. I deleted all the emails from last month and focused on getting caught up with the news from last week and this week. And you know what? It felt really good! I like being in the know, and even though I’m far from being the most politically savy gal out there, I would rather know and understand at least SOME of what is going on in our world today.

I also ran a great 5-miler this morning, and I’m excited to say I’ve picked up the pace a little bit! Nothing drastic, and I’m still kind of a slowpoke, but it’ll take time for me to get back into the same running shape I was I several years ago when I ran my half marathons. Progress is really awesome to see. And I really believe that doing yoga regularly is helping, and will continue to help, my running. I recover from runs with less DOMS and less right hip flexors- because who really wants tight, emotionally stunted hips anyways? I’m positive the weight lifting I did for the past year and a half has definitely helped strengthen my whole body and especially my core too, so I am confident that with the right training, I can totally do this marathon!

Are you training for anything right now? Are you a runner? Hiker? Yogi?
Any kind of sweating is definitely right up my alley- even if it’s because I’m singing!! 😉

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