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Hi! It’s me!

Today I’m happy about: feeling like myself again! Dealing with depression and anxiety takes it’s toll not only on you but on the people surrounding you who love and care about you. Although I know change doesn’t happen overnight, I am so grateful to finally be on a path to improvement. The air feels fresher when I walk outside, the work I have to do feels less difficult, and I am re-discovering my passion for music and learning in a way I had not felt for a while. Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial on late-night TV, but I really feel like I’m living again after having been in a dark cloud for a long time.

I hope you are all having a beautiful and enjoyable Friday!

Happiness Starts Here

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Your perspective on life sucks

Today I’m happy about: reuniting with my best friend. Some days are seriously crappy, but like my brother wisely reminded me, it’s all about your perspective and I am the only one in charge of my own perspective. So lets get positive. There are so many great things about living in this world and I want to look at them all through positive goggles.

Happy Friday everyone!

Happiness Starts Here

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I’m back!

Today I’m happy about: having a totally killer workout this morning! I got to sleep in (till 8:30 woohoo!) and had a fantastic fast-paced weightlifting session and I feel so good. I also tried a new vegetarian protein powder, the Vega Vanilla, that I picked up at whole foods and I am in love. The taste was great and it is on point for my nutritional needs, new favorite found!

It doesn’t hurt that it’s a beautiful Saturday and I don’t have work this weekend either. 😉

What are you digging this weekend?

Happiness Starts Here

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