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It just keeps getting better

Happy hump day!

My Wednesday started much earlier than I’m used to, since I usually don’t have class until 3pm. However, it was up at 6 getting all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to teach a French lesson at 7am! Despite the early wake-up, I am really grateful to have had that class because it made me feel way more prepared to teach my group class this evening.

I keep hearing that it will get easier the more I actually teach, and I feel like I am starting to feel a little more comfortable already. Teaching in itself forces me to be off-balance and to think quickly on my feet which might be just exactly what I need to keep pushing me out of my comfort zone. I tend to want to be completely in control and to know exactly what will happen in class, but the truth is all I can do is prepare and feel as comfortable as possible with the material beforehand, and just go with the flow in the moment! Maybe a lesson to try applying to real life….? Lol.

I got to ease into my class this evening with a nice coffee break and ride to work with a boy, so maybe that plays into it too… Guess I gotta make that a weekly habit!

I hope you’re staying warm and out of this horrible gust of cold we just got hit with in Boston!

Happiness Starts Here

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Zooming past me

How is it already Wednesday night??
I feel like this week is just flying right past me. It might have to do with being on break last week, but man am I happy it’s not dragging.

I taught my first French class this evening and I think it went extremely well! Even though I was feeling a bit exhausted this afternoon after a lot of traveling between Harvard square and BU and Brighton this morning, I had just enough energy to get me through the end of the day. Work will continue to get busier over the next few weeks but I am thankful I’m not going to be as busy with school, so bring it on!

Happiness Starts Here

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Early Birthday brunch

Today I’m happy about: celebrating my cousin and I’d birthdays a little early with an outdoor brunch before work. It’s always a challenge to find time in everyone’s busy schedules- all the more as we get older- but it’s always so enjoyable to catch up even if only for a couple hours.

I am on my 2nd to last day of work before the big move and I can’t WAIT for the weekend to come!

Happy hump day cuties!

Happiness Starts Here

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Bastille day festivities

Today I’m happy about: celebrating Bastille day! The French Independence Day, our version of the 4th of July.
We always celebrate but the past 2 summers I had the privilege of being IN France to really party it up. I love reminiscing about my magical time there with family and really good friends, especially in Bretagne and Belle-Ile where I sang as a young artist in a wonderful opera festival 2 summers ago. Hearing from my friends who are there now makes me crave a return so I’m going to try to schedule one for next year.

But even in the good old US of A, we are a-celebratin’ with a backyard barbecue and fun desserts, including my “famous” apricot oat bars.

What’s making you smile today?

Happiness Starts Here

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