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No fooling me, April

Happy April!

No big jokes to kick off this post, but I am SUPER glad that it’s finally a new month. I am lumping in new month with new weather because I refuse to accept that potential rain or, god forbid, snow and sleet will interfere with my plans to begin wearing shorts and dresses again. I love my winter boots, but I think we can all agree that I need to start wearing something else now.

To recap, this weekend was just fabulous. My brother was here and we laughed and joked like maniacs, went to the gym a whole bunch (my arms are still struggling to coordinate typing on my phone right now…) and ate some awesome food with lovely friends. Did I mention we totally YOLO-ed and got tattoos on Saturday?
We wound down our weekend by renting American Hustle to watch at home Sunday night and it was so frustrating and stressful and yet a wonderful movie. And the celebrity-laden cast may have helped take my love for it up a few notches. Christian Bale was UNrecognizable. Props to him for serious commitment to his roles!

Now that I’m on my own again, I have to admit it feels a little lonely, but I have a lot of fun memories to play over in my head. And my pals to distract me here. They did a good job of it yesterday since we got dinner at my favorite Cambridge eatery (Life Alive) and saw a really impressive performance of Die Schone Mullerin at the Dean’s House, followed by some antics at Target to buy soap and popcorn. You know, the usual stuff.

This weekend has made me feel like home is a little bit closer and spring actually is right around the corner. I hope you had an awesome weekend too!






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Saturday, you’re looking mighty fine

What a lovely, but rainy day in Boston!
We started our day with a great workout for me, and some sleeping in for my brother (13+ hours, I’m impressed!) and then headed to brunch at Allston Diner. I swear I ate the most amazing tofu scramble of my life there! It was life-changing and I’ve been raving about it all day to my brother so I have to talk about it here.

Vegan breakfast with tofu scramble (mushrooms, spinach and sundried tomatoes), side salad with herb vinaigrette and toasted English muffin. SO GOOD.

Then we headed over the Harvard Square to walk around, get some delicious tea and…….. Get tattoos!
It was pretty spur-of-the-moment, but we both saw the tattoo parlor shop and knew we wanted to get something special for ourselves and to commemorate this time we were spending together here. I am so pleased with how mine turned out, and I think my bro is happy with his too. 🙂

Then we headed out to dinner and a recital with some of my friends. And in the falling rain we headed home with a little pit stop for more Indian food for the bodybuilder in residence. 😉 Having my brother here to hang out with me has been a really great experience and I am so happy he was willing and able to come out to stay with me.

Here’s to another fun day tomorrow!

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Siblings reunite!

Happy Friday!

This morning started early, but for a great reason! My brother flew in from California to visit me for the weekend and I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

So far, we’ve hit the gym (obviously a must when we are together), eaten at Root and later had delicious Indian takeout for dinner, stopped by BU so I could get a coaching in, and visited around the Prudential Center. I would’ve liked to do more outside but this weather isn’t being very cooperative, and the forecast is announcing rain all weekend… Not to mention he hasn’t slept since Wednesday night because he took the red-eye out of Cali! But I’m just happy he’s here to hang out with me and let me take him around to all my favorite Boston spots.

The rest of our weekend involves plans to go to the wharf, dinner and a recital with some of my friends, birthday drinks, and any other shenanigans we get up to. 😉

Have a great weekend!

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Baji’s Breakfast and Family Time

Happy Saturday!

Yesterday I stayed off the blog because I was out enjoying one of my last days home. I started the day nice and early with brunch at Baji’s with my brother where we demolished stacks of delicious pancakes!



Is there anything quite like pancakes to get through a tough leg day workout? I love working out with my brother because he’s always pushing himself to improve and get stronger than the day before. And he’s so supportive during challenging workouts! He keeps me honest and doesn’t let me get away with slacking. Lol 😉

We all managed to get some work done throughout the rest of the afternoon and topped off the day by finally seeing Catching Fire. Even though I hadn’t seen any movies all break, we’ve really put in some time at the movie theatre over the past couple days! CF was amazing, as I expected, and very true to the book which I SO appreciated. Can’t wait for the final installment!

Today I’m off to Carmel and Monterey with the family, and can’t wait to get a good look at the beautiful ocean. 🙂

What are you doing today? Do you live close enough to your family to spend the day together?

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Waking up in style

This morning was a total first for me- my brother woke me up to go to the gym- BEFORE I WAS UP! It may seem silly but I am always always up before him so I loved not having to be the one to drag his butt out of bed. 😉

We enjoyed a family brunch after working out this morning and then I got down to business with- you guessed it!- my PT studying. This anatomy and muscle ID-ing is really taking a toll on my sanity, but it’s also extremely interesting so I’m thankful I’m learning about it!

Here’s to freedom in 2.5 days- I hope I’ll be ready!!

What did you do on this sassy Saturday? 🙂

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Hanging out

Today I’m happy about: grabbing brunch with my brother at our favorite spot. The waiter even remembered us from all our visits throughout the years!

Happy Saturday!

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