True Bistro (love)

The cloudy weather today has for perfectly for my day of homework, music studying and cleaning up my room. I managed to get a great workout in at the gym- even though I almost face-planted into a weight machine after I tripped over a 45-pound plate and yelped so loudly I got stares! The bruise on my shin is just a sign of how tough I am right?

Last night I had the most fun date, complete with on-point dirty martinis and literally the best vegan food I have ever eaten. Actually, some of the best food period! We went to True Bistro in Somerville, and despite not taking reservations the food more than made up for it. Not the mention the service was incredible, I think my water glass was refilled 12 times.
We ordered the crispy oyster mushrooms to start, then split the blackened seitan with collards and grits as well as a phyllo purse stuffed with sweet potato, seitan and what must have been a cinnamon sauce! It was so flavorful and incredible. We finished off the meal with an apple cobbler topped with walnut-rum ice cream and of course enjoyed a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on the side. I couldn’t believe that every single thing on the menu was vegan and it was so exciting to be able to choose anything I wanted without having to make annoying requests like no cheese, no butter, um is there honey in that? Even my date, who is absolutely not vegan, was extremely pleased with all the food and couldn’t get over the grits. 🙂

TB just became one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, and it was perfect for a date. Cozy but still a lively environment, and the company was fantastic too. I can’t wait to go back and try everything else on the menu!!

I hope you had a great weekend full of delicious food and even better company!

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