Going out in style

Happy Saturday friends!!

I was MIA last night because I went out with some friends to get drinks to celebrate the weekend! And may have ended up staying out way past my usual bedtime…. But it was totally worth it. I don’t have any absolute plans for the day besides doing some homework, paperwork and getting ready for a date tonight. And who am I kidding, that’ll take all day to prepare for! Jk. 😉 I might be one of the most low-maintenance gals I know, and can easily get ready to go out in about 20-25 minutes. I consider it a talent!

Anyone share my pet peeve for people who take forEVER to get ready to leave the house? I mean seriously, how long does it take to put on a shirt and pants and shoes??

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

Happiness Starts Here

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