Recapping a few days home

After a couple days off of the blog, I’m happy to report back that I am absolutely loving being home! Although I miss my brother, who is still in school because his spring break isn’t for a couple more weeks, I’m digging being an only child for a little while. 😉

Yesterday, I had the privilege of singing a solo piece at both of my mom’s choral concerts. Our good family friends came to see us and it was really special to be able to share this concert and performance experience with my mom. The concerts took place at two retirement homes and I think the audiences really enjoyed the performance. It’s always very special to share music with people who so clearly appreciate it and I know from past experience that these older folks are some of the most appreciative.

On another note, since food is a pretty crucial (and super fun!) part of being home, we’ve eaten at a couple delicious restaurants, most notably Lyfe Kitchen where I devoured the best vegan burger I’ve had yet! Located in downtown Palo Alto, right off yuniversity Avenue, the atmosphere is casual but modern, and the service is incredibly quick. They have a wide selection of organic wine and beer, as well as 3 different menus based on your dining preferences and dietary concerns- Gluten free, Vegan/Vegetarian and Everything-tarian. There were so many things I wanted to try so I will definitely be back before this week ends.

Today started off with a rockin, butt-kicking boot camp at my gym! Holy cow I think I sweat out at least a gallon. And I loved every minute of it.

This afternoon mom and I took a trip downtown to hit up DSW for a new pair of audition shoes, and I totally lucked out finding these babies. They’re just the right height, super comfortable (for heels) and they’ll go nicely with all my audition garb. 🙂

The best part of being home has really been spending time with my parents, and having some wonderful talks with my mom. They arise somewhat randomly but we always have great discussions about all sorts of things, which I love and treasure.

Happy Tuesday!

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