Seeking help

Thursday is finally here and the weekend is closer than it’s ever been!

It was another busy day for me but I met with a nutritionist for the first time amidst work, classes and rehearsal, and I am really excited about our first meeting. I had toyed with the idea of seeking a nutritionist’s guidance previously, but not until recently did I realize how important it was for me to work with someone who could help me heal my relationship with food.

I’ve done ALOT of work myself to try to get to a better place with it, but no matter how hard I tried, there were still parts of myself holding me back. I am fed up with letting food and restricting thoughts get the better of me and rule my life. There are SO many things I’d rather think about in a day than how many calories I should eat even though I didn’t work out that day. I am passionate about a huge variety of things, from singing to learning to teaching to hiking to cooking and baking, just to name a few, and I don’t want to waste time worrying and obsessing over food when I know I could (with work) make it into a simple, ordinary thing that just happens to be part of my day-to-day life. I felt like the nutritionist I met with really heard everything I was saying and is going to take into account all the aspects of why I want to grow and is going to help me make the changes I so desperately want to.

I’m sure I will update on how this process goes for me, but if you want to share any of your own experiences seeing a nutritionist, or have any questions about how I decided to see one, feel free to let me know. 🙂


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