This morning I had my longest shift at work, and probably the most rewarding. I never believed I was the kind of person who could teach but I’m finding out just how fun and exhilarating it can be to work with students and to help them improve their language skills.

I always became quite close with teachers as I went through school since I really loved and respected the learning process, but I didn’t realize how cool it would be to be on the other side. So far, even though it’s not all easy, I’m loving it!

Though today was filled with a bit of running around between Back Bay, to school, to Cambridge and finally home, I’m really enjoying being busy and finding a purpose everyday. I even managed to get in a speedy weightlifting session at the gym between work and class!

The cherry on top was definitely that I only waited about 2 minutes for my bus to take me home tonight, even though my phone had died and I had no way of knowing if I was early, had just missed it, or was in for a 45-minute wait outside. Even though I was bummed my phone ran out of battery about 3 hours before I was heading home, I’m really glad it did. Stopping at the Co-Op in Cambridge, I talked to my checkout cashier about the kombucha they brew on site and got a smile out of him. Later when I was on the bus, I smiled and made faces at a cute little girl in her stroller with her mom nearby, and she waved and smiled back. I know I’m usually totally caught up in my phone, especially on public transportation, but I just appreciated sitting in the bus, taking in all the different people around me, and wishing that we could all just put down our phones sometimes and connect with each other. I’m thankful for the reminder to not let myself get bogged down too much by all my high-tech gadgets, and to experience life as it is happening right this second.

Happiness Starts Here

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