Is it really work if you’re having fun?

Hello from an icy, snow-covered Boston!

It’s been storming outside all day and unfortunately classes were not cancelled. However, my first training for work happened via Skype, allowing me to stay comfortably at home instead of trekking back out in the snow tonight. I am equal parts excited and nervous about this new position since we’re definitely diving right into teaching on Monday, which is so new to me! I keep having to remind myself that I have been working with people and acting as a leader in many circumstances for a lot of my school years and throughout my previous jobs, so I can and will rock this position! They can’t have picked me for nothing! 🙂

I am also bringing back one of my loves today- avocado. We were in a very serious relationship a year ago but we just enjoyed each other too much and I needed to take a break. Luckily, a chipotle burrito topped with guacamole 2 weeks ago reignited my love for the green stuff. Mmm, it’s just the best when it’s ripe and topped with a little salt, pepper and lemon juice! Along the same kitchen lines, my afternoon at home enticed me to bake up some berry chocolate chip banana bread with some blackening bananas sitting in my pantry. Holy yum. I adapted my recipe from Hummusapien’s Dark Chocolate Chunk Strawberry Bread and it was awesome! I ditched the stevia, and subbed the strawberries for Trader Joe’s frozen berry medley- because how else can I get my cherry fix in February?- and with the oats, almond meal and flax seed meal, it’s a rocking dessert or snack.

I’m totally going to curl up with a slice slathered in almond butter, and an episode (or three) of True Blood. Alcide, I’m coming for you.


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