Owning it

Happy Monday!

I feel like this month is already flying by, and I can’t believe in heading back home for spring break in just 3.5 short weeks!

I just left a voice lesson that was everything I needed it to be. I sang better and more strongly than I have this entire year, even though it has been an ongoing progression. I am really excited about about the opportunities my teacher sees in my future, as well as his commitment to trying to make me the best I can be.

This morning, despite having a really lovely yoga practice that relaxed and challenged me, as I was leaving my house I got caught up in the fact I was running late for my bus and actually ended up literally running to catch it before it drove off without me. I was caught up in a stream of consciousness that was fueled by anger and anxiety and it was kind of overpowering. I tried to recall some of the words my yoga instructor had been saying just an hour earlier about letting go what you don’t need, but I was just getting more and more worked up. I managed to get to class with plenty of time and the world certainly didn’t end.

I think there’s something to be said for honoring your feelings, whether they are elated, depressed, furious, they are all there to teach us something. When I’m uncomfortable or unhappy I try to use the feelings to find our what’s causing them but sometimes you just have to let yourself experience them before you can make sense of them.

While I had a few minutes to wait before my class started, I read this, and it really helped me cut myself a little slack for not feeling 100% awesome earlier.

What’s your go-to thing to do when you’re feeling upset?

Happiness Starts Here

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