This morning I wrote in my journal for about 20 minutes. I had been feeling so much negative energy inside all of Saturday and when I woke up today feeling the same way, I knew I needed to find a way to deal with it. It’s incredible how helpful it can be to just write down some of the things that are weighing me down.

Things become clearer when I manifest them in real life, on paper. I encourage myself to choose exactly the words that pinpoint the way I’m feeling, or sometimes I just free-write and let all my thoughts come tumbling out, unorganized. Today was a mix of both, I wasn’t sure where my writing was heading when I first started, but somehow I managed to touch on every feeling I had been having, all within about 3 pages of scribbling.

I know writing and yoga are my strongest therapeutic tools, and I’m proud to say today I used both. Some days I feel like I’m not getting anything right, but it usually just takes a few minutes to look inward and breathe deeply to relax my overactive ego.

I’ll leave you with one of the most calming phrases that helps me remember what is really important.

The divine in me honors the divine in you.
(No matter who the you is)

Happiness Starts Here

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2 thoughts on “Introspective

  1. Rookienotes says:

    Writing helps me a lot. I’m glad you found a tool to channel your stress

    • happinessstartshere says:

      It’s so surprisingly helpful, I feel like sometimes when writing I’m able to figure out so much more about what’s going on than when I’m just thinking about it.

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