Girls. Girls. GIRLS.


Today I am totally embracing the art of a lazy Saturday and it actually feels really good. I didn’t go to the gym this morning to run, and I’m not planning on doing any power yoga, and I’m okay with that. Yesterday morning my body felt tired even doing yoga so I’m taking it as a sign to take a break. That way tomorrow I’ll be ready to dive back in, feeling rested and happy. That being said, I feel like my appetite is on fire today, so I’m just going with it and eating possibly every hour. If I want to run a marathon I’m going to have to fuel for it too!!



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Also, I know I am unbelievably late in recognizing how amazing this TV show is, but can I just say, IT’S AMAZING. Lena Dunham’s creation is so unlike anything I’ve seen on TV (maybe ever?) and the awkwardness just kills me. Jessa’s fashion makes me want to throw away all the clothes I have and shop in her wardrobe. The flowy dresses and pants and skirts, I love it all. Shoshanna’s random comments and questions = where the heck do they come from? But YES. Marnie is kind of like the me I secretly hope I’m not. And Hannah. She is SO SO SO awkward and everything I hope she doesn’t say obviously comes right out of her mouth. Every. Single. Time. But I still love her because she’s really trying to just live her life and follow her dream of being a writer. I am currently making my way through the first season, and you could say it hasn’t been difficult.


What are you doing this weekend?

I’m seeing one of my favorite operas tonight, L’Incoronazione di Poppea 🙂



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