Thursday Thoughts

Hi there!

Today I’m taking a cue from one of the hilarious and fabulous bloggers I follow, Snack Therapy, with Thursday Thoughts.

I like the idea of just sharing a bunch of random thoughts and ideas that are bouncing around in my brain and possibly a couple links that caught my eye recently. So, here goes!


1. Snow. It’s like walking home through sand. Kind of charming and fun when you think about it from the warmth of your bed, snuggled under the covers, and then you take your first step into a full foot of snow and your pants leg is all of a sudden freezing and wet. Yeah, super fun.

2. Speaking of pants leg, pants are so over-rated, amiright? It’s all about the leggings these days. They keep you warm, and they go with everything. Right? Right.

3. Found this online the other day and just…Yes. I mean, who really wants to beat themselves up for NOT performing a 3 hour workout, that might result in injury. Yes to pushing out of my own comfort zone but no to letting working out become my life. Fitspiration gets a makeover

4. The Vampire Diaries. So guilty of watching this one, and yet it is so fun to watch the drama unfold. The most recent plot-twist with Katherine NOT actually dying, what?! I knew she wasn’t going down without a fight.

5. I am totally digging spaghetti squash recently. I kind of avoided it for a while because it seemed kind of bland and not worth the effort, but now having roasted it and eaten half of one with a fork straight from the oven…. Definitely adding that to my shopping cart on the regular.

6. Another blogger moment, but I so NEED to make this, these, and THESE. YUM.

7. This amazing link my mom shared with me, that I literally could not stop laughing at. Bunny Manifesto

8. I was going to have an interview at 8am tomorrow morning but it got rescheduled for Monday afternoon. Mission sleep-in Friday is fully underway.

9. I totally fell on my a$$ in yoga yesterday, trying a new transition between poses when my hand slipped, and now I have the most glorious bruise on my outer thigh that is about the size of a baseball. That’s what I get for trying to get out of Full Wheel too quickly! But the important thing is I kept right on going, and didn’t let falling take me out of my zen yoga me-time.

10. You might recall I watched Vegucated earlier this week. It’s a documentary about 3 people who decide to go vegan for 6 weeks and learn about the food, culture, environmental and health reasons behind why going vegetarian or vegan can do so many wonderful things for the the environment and our bodies. As someone who’s experimented with being vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivore, omnivore and the great oatmeal diet, I’ve found that eating a mostly plant-based diet agrees with me most and it’s the most affordable and easiest when I’m in school. I will definitely not turn up my nose at a beautiful piece of grilled salmon or a sizzling steak, but I don’t feel like I need to eat those things regularly to feel happy. I avoid dairy because I’m lactose-intolerant, but I find tons of tasty ways to make up for it by eating other things I love. Like bread, and cereal, and pizza (with vegan cheese!) and obviously soy ice cream. A girls gotta have her ice cream every once in a while. This is one of my FAVORITES.

What are you thinking about this Thursday?

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

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