The Headlines

Today I read the news! I had stockpiled so many Skimm articles in my email that I was afraid to even read one because it seemed like an insurmountable feat to ever get caught up. So I did what I should have done last week. I deleted all the emails from last month and focused on getting caught up with the news from last week and this week. And you know what? It felt really good! I like being in the know, and even though I’m far from being the most politically savy gal out there, I would rather know and understand at least SOME of what is going on in our world today.

I also ran a great 5-miler this morning, and I’m excited to say I’ve picked up the pace a little bit! Nothing drastic, and I’m still kind of a slowpoke, but it’ll take time for me to get back into the same running shape I was I several years ago when I ran my half marathons. Progress is really awesome to see. And I really believe that doing yoga regularly is helping, and will continue to help, my running. I recover from runs with less DOMS and less right hip flexors- because who really wants tight, emotionally stunted hips anyways? I’m positive the weight lifting I did for the past year and a half has definitely helped strengthen my whole body and especially my core too, so I am confident that with the right training, I can totally do this marathon!

Are you training for anything right now? Are you a runner? Hiker? Yogi?
Any kind of sweating is definitely right up my alley- even if it’s because I’m singing!! 😉

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