Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!

I an not typically a fan of football (or really watching any organized sports on tv…) but my girl Renee Fleming is singing the National Anthem so you know I’ll be tuning in for that!

As for the rest of my day, I have felt like super-domestic-woman. I had a great yoga class to start out my day, followed by doing laundry (finally I have clean workout clothes!….just me??) and I baked up some healthy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from one of one of my favorite bloggers, The Real Life RD. I love reading her posts because she is always so real and down to earth, and her approach to eating and life is balanced and realistic. She is definitely one of my healthy role models, because she absolutely loves food and spending time with friends and family, but instead of depriving herself of delicious foods, eats what she wants and just returns back to her mostly plant-based, natural foods afterwards. Just reading through her blog I have stumbled upon so many delicious meals and snacks that I want to make for myself, I’ve got a running list going on my phone so I always have some inspiration to get in the kitchen.


As I’m writing this, I am sitting down to enjoy some of this amaze-balls banana bread and I can’t wait to try out some more of her recipes. 🙂


Since I know the Super Bowl is always a great excuse to have a party and partying always includes yummy food, what are you cooking up today?

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