Oh Thursday, we meet again.

I’m feeling mighty tired as this day winds down, but I also feel pretty darn accomplished. I started my day bright and early and got in a great 5 mile run! Remember my 4-miler from Tuesday that felt like climbing Mount Everest without equipment? Today’s run reminded me why I love running so much. I felt like I was flying through the first few miles and only started to notice I was running by mile 3! I call that a win for sure.

Now, my friend is visiting/staying in Boston for the night because he has an audition tomorrow morning, and it’s been great to see a ray if California sunshine here on the chilly east coast. The longer I live here, the more I get used to the cold, and I’m even surprising myself at how un-wimpy I’ve been! With the right SUPER-WARM coat that is.

I also have to admit I have a new obsession. I can NOT get enough of popcorn recently. Like going through gigantic bags daily. What is it about that stuff?? I’m buying the reduced sodium kind so I don’t think it’s really the salt- it must be the satisfying crunch and pop. It’s just the perfect snack. I am currently coveting Whole Foods 365 Brand Reduced Sodium- for only $1.99!!! Ah a single gal on a budget’s dream come true. 😉

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One thought on “Popcorn!

  1. This is an obsession, but it’s not new for the professor! The movies are attractive for the popcorn more than the movie! Cheese is a favorite as well as kettle of course it has to be healthy and ingredients are scrutinized you know. Perhaps you are Punchy…..?

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