40 days of yoga!!

After a fabulous start to the weekend yesterday, today was a bit more low key. I’ve been studying, practicing (!!!) and reading. Along with my decision to commit completely to music right now and for the next year and a half, I know I need to be practicing much more. As with any habit, it takes time for it to become part of your routine and I think it’s high time I have myself the kick in the pants I need to make it happen.

I wanted to share that I’ve started a mini-challenge to myself, both mentally and physically, to do 40 consecutive days of yoga! I’ve been going strong for a week now and I’m already feeling changes in my mindfulness in everyday activities- like just breathing when I’m stressed waiting for the bus, or reminding myself that my body knows what it needs in terms of food and sleep. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I grow and come into myself over the next 30+ days.

I’m off to eat some delicious takeout garden veggie pizza and watch a chick flick with my roomie now!

Happy Saturday!!

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