Going dairy-free for me

Good afternoon lovely friends!

Today although I’m feeling a bit worse, I huffed and puffed through a bit of yoga to wake up my body and it left me feeling a bit more normal.
I’m especially excited about having gotten through one of my least favorite chores at school, laundry! What is it about doing laundry here that is so frustrating? Try paying $2.75 per load!

Then I got to move onto my favorite chore, grocery shopping! Stocked up my fridge and pantry with tons of fresh and frozen produce, beans, pasta, cereal, almond milk, etc and I am really happy I only spent $55 on everything! Including picking up a few shared items for the apartment like soap and paper towels.


I seriously adore grocery shopping because I love food so much, and the possibilities for creating seem endless when I’m at the store, but my grocery budget has been really out of hand over the last few months… Namely non existent. So last week and this week I’ve made a serious commitment to being more reasonable and buying smart. I love eating fresh fruits and vegetables and those can tally up, but the little things like Greek yogurt and other treats are what really tack on the $$. Since I am lactose intolerant, and I am happy to indulge in dairy occasionally when I go out, I’d rather fully eliminate it from my diet when I’m cooking for myself. I have a huge love affair with Greek yogurt especially, but after going a couple weeks without it, I don’t even crave it anymore. My skin has also been much happier since I cut it out, and this make-up avoiding girl is very excited about that.

So if my cold could just go away, then I’d really be a happy camper! I’m counting my blessings that I’m able to take it easy today because I don’t have school (thanks MLK!!). And tomorrow I’ll be hitting the ground running again. Here’s hoping. 🙂

Happiness Starts Here

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