Sniffles, please go away!

Today I was proud of myself for venturing out into the cold for a workout at the gym and a quick stop at Whole Foods on my way home, gotta get this girl’s Peanut Butter stash all stocked up! And with plenty of yummy leftovers in the fridge, my wallet thanked me for not being tempted by my favorite thing ever- the hot food/salad bar. Seriously, getting takeout there is one of the best things.

I’m enjoying being cozy at home since it’s pretty chilly outside, although I think I’ve come down with a cold… Nothing some hot tea and a good night’s sleep can’t fix right?

What’s your favorite cold remedy? I remember when I was younger my mom would always make me hot vegetable or chicken broth in a mug accompanied by buttered toasts, and I would lay in bed reading or watching a movie. Ah that actually sounds like exactly what I plan to do this evening!

Happiness Starts Here

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