At-Home Bodyweight Circuit!

Good morning lovely blog friends!

I just finished up a great yoga class and some bodyweight circuits, super easy way to sweat at home if you’re low on time and it doesn’t even require any equipment!

This is the circuit I was rocking: I did it 3 times, but you can do it once or twice and still get your heart pumping!

15 push-ups

30 lunge kicks (15 each side)

20 mountain climbers

15 tricep pushups

30 curtsy lunge kicks (15 each side)

30 plank jacks

20 tricep dips

40 jumping jacks

20 bodyweight squats

It was a great way to start my morning. 🙂 If you guys are interested in more workouts, let me know and I can start incorporating them into my daily posts.

I’ll be in rehearsals most of today but it’s almost the start of a 3-day weekend so I don’t even mind! Anyone else have MLK day off on Monday? I haven’t been at a school that celebrated it before so I am definitely looking forward to a shortened 2nd week of school too!

P.S.: If you like following my little blogging journey, but want to be able to keep up with other blogs not through WordPress, you can subscribe to me on Bloglovin. I use Bloglovin myself and love the clean, simple format that allows me to read blogs from all areas of the internet. 🙂


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