Hikes and PR’s

As my final day home, it has been a pretty darn wonderful one. I started the day with a hike with my family and 2 close friends, followed by a jaunt to a nearby farmers market for fresh bagels, with cream cheese of course! My brother and I then had our last training session together for a while at the gym, and it was perfectly sweaty and we both hit personal bests on the leg press! He repped it out at 730 pounds!!!! My PR was a little less heavy but I’m still proud of myself since I pressed 4 plates for a total of 360 pounds! I felt like superwoman! 🙂

The afternoon was mostly devoted to packing, but some QT with mom getting gel manicures was definitely included. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend so much precious time with my family during this break, and that I even managed to study for and pass my personal trainer exam. It has been an amazing few weeks at home and although it would be great to stick around until the snow melts in Boston, I know I have wonderful things awaiting me upon my return, and I am really looking forward to diving back into my music and performing back at school. And searching for a job!! (Just in case anyone was looking for a part-time hard-working, organized office assistant or gym attendant in the Boston area- I’m looking, and available!)

I hope you had an enjoyable weekend! I’m topping mine off with a home-cooked dinner with the family and one of my favvvvorite tv shows, The Mentalist. Anyone else watch this? It is SO mind-bogglingly good!

Happiness Starts Here

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