I passed!!

I passed my NASM Personal Trainer Certification today!!! I am so excited that all my hard work and studying paid off! I worried a little bit during the test that I was getting questions wrong, but I went with my gut and trusted that I had done all the preparation I needed to and was beyond ready to pass. Woohoo!!!

As over-joyed as I was today about finally being done studying and having received my certification, I let some negative self-talk get me down. Although my body is healthier than it has been in a while, today I obsessed over my stomach sticking out more than it used to and the fact that I still don’t have six-pack abs. As a trainer, who am I not to be in top shape?

What I was really struggling with was some body dysmorphic issues- thinking I am much larger than I am in reality. Although I know I am at a healthy weight and I’m getting SO much stronger than I’ve been before, I’m letting small things like my lack of a flat stomach, get in the way of being happy about all the other incredible things that are currently going on in my life. But I refuse to allow that to continue and I’m putting my foot down right now.

I am beautiful and smart and talented, and in great shape. I love working out and doing yoga, but I also love eating delicious food and spending precious time with my friends and family, as well as singing which is another of my passions. I will not let some stupid views of what women’s bodies SHOULD be, determine my happiness.

Thanks for listening to my rant- I love and appreciate all of you who follow along on my journey through this blog.

Happy Tuesday!! What did you do today?

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2 thoughts on “I passed!!

  1. girlychristina says:

    A BIG CONGRATS to you!!!!! ❤ Yay!!
    Ugh, I hate when I have negative self-talk…it's hard to stop it but I remember that it will pass =)
    I blogged today and watch the season premiere of Pretty Little Liars ❤

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