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Margarita Friday

Happy Friday!!

My day was filled with yoga, pizza, rehearsals and spending time with great friends! I am so thankful it’s the weekend and was able to de-stress at the end of the week over margaritas with my girlfriend. I am thankful for the balance I have found in my life that allows me to enjoy chipotle burritos, slices of gourmet pizzas, fewer hours of sleep and more hours of socializing, without guilt. What is life if I’m not able to enjoy the everyday moments of laughter and messiness?

I hope you have a silly and fun-filled weekend!

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Oh Thursday, we meet again.

I’m feeling mighty tired as this day winds down, but I also feel pretty darn accomplished. I started my day bright and early and got in a great 5 mile run! Remember my 4-miler from Tuesday that felt like climbing Mount Everest without equipment? Today’s run reminded me why I love running so much. I felt like I was flying through the first few miles and only started to notice I was running by mile 3! I call that a win for sure.

Now, my friend is visiting/staying in Boston for the night because he has an audition tomorrow morning, and it’s been great to see a ray if California sunshine here on the chilly east coast. The longer I live here, the more I get used to the cold, and I’m even surprising myself at how un-wimpy I’ve been! With the right SUPER-WARM coat that is.

I also have to admit I have a new obsession. I can NOT get enough of popcorn recently. Like going through gigantic bags daily. What is it about that stuff?? I’m buying the reduced sodium kind so I don’t think it’s really the salt- it must be the satisfying crunch and pop. It’s just the perfect snack. I am currently coveting Whole Foods 365 Brand Reduced Sodium- for only $1.99!!! Ah a single gal on a budget’s dream come true. 😉

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Cold hands, warm heart

Happy hump day y’all!!

I’m full of a lot of love today and I’m no exactly sure why. But I’m totally going with it. 🙂

I had an enlightening yoga practice this morning and really worked through some tough poses and thoughts while on the mat. I then met with one of my friends, and a potential client, to talk about the new fitness and nutrition plan that I’m building for him. We talked about a lot of details and I got answers to some lifestyle background questions and I’m excited about putting together this program for him. And he’ll be my first paying client!

I’m heading home to do a bit of cleaning since one of my California pals is spending the night Thursday because he has a grad school audition in Friday! Even though he’ll only be here for a day, I’m sure we’ll manage to go somewhere fun for dinner tomorrow night. There are so so so many wonderful dining options in Boston, I think the hardest part will be choosing just one!

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Good morning!

I’m blogging early today because I just finished my first run of marathon training at the gym! I woke up this morning and just felt like this was the day to get back to the gym and do the damn thing. And boy was it hard. I remember 2 years ago when I was running 6 miles easily about five times a week, and I had to keep reminding myself to push through for another few minutes, just for another quarter of a mile, but I am really proud of myself for doing it!

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy because it’s been quite a while since I’ve seriously committed to running, and weight lifting makes me strong but doesn’t condition me cardio-wise the same way running does. So I focused on my breathing, and kept promising myself the next mile would be easier. And it got through 4 miles with a little cool-down afterwards! My goal was to get at least 3 miles in, and I hoped for 5 but today I am extremely grateful for my 4 miles. I kept a pretty good pace for myself as well and although now I’m suffering from SEVERE red face (how could I have forgotten that existed??) I am also excited about having set a goal for myself that will help keep me accountable for training.

As if I needed any other reasons to feel awesome this morning, one of my lovely friends who I saw the regional auditions with, started asking me about running and we’ve decided to sign up for a 10k in April together! Although I’ve always been a solitary runner, since I really enjoy the time to think and sweat and jive to really good music, I’m looking forward to having a partner in crime to for this race! It’ll be great timing since I’ll be whole-hog into my marathon training and the 10k will remind me what it feels like to be in a race situation.

I also wanted to touch on another thing that came up for me, being at the gym for the first time in a while. I notice myself doing this and it totally bugs me!! I see other girls at the gym and start to compare myself to them- what they look like, what they’re doing at the gym, and it totally leads me to feel negative about my own accomplishments. I know as women we’re constantly bombarded by what “beauty” is in the media, and now how we should be “fit” not “skinny” thanks to the elite athletes who have 5% body fat, and although I applaud those women who compete at such incredible levels of fitness, that is simply not realistic for the rest of us. Not should it define whether we are strong or beautiful or accomplished.

I feel pushed to compare myself to others because for some reason, that’s the way I’m supposed to know how to feel about myself. How stupid is that?! I want to feel proud of my body and all that it can do, WITHOUT these qualifiers, like; I’m strong but I don’t have a six-pack, I’m beautiful but my thighs do touch, I’m smart but I’m not getting special awards for it. Why can’t we just accept our flaws and decide that we are not beautiful and incredible despite them, but BECAUSE of them?

I know that I feel my best when I don’t allow that external negativity get to me, and instead try to think of all the ways I’m grateful to have a healthy body that CAN run 4 miles! That CAN get through a super tough power yoga class! That CAN sing really beautiful and legato phrases! That CAN finish reading a 500-page book in a matter of days! That CAN express my love for my friends and family on a daily basis! These may sound silly, but those are the important things, that we need to remember to hold onto when the negativity can seem overwhelming.


So today, I am proud of my awesomely sweaty and tough 4-miler and I know that in a couple weeks I’ll look back and WISH that was the longest run I had planned for the week! I choose to focus on the positives and I know that is what continues to make me a happy and healthy gal. 🙂

Spread the love, what are you proud of yourself for doing today or recently??

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A new week and new finds!

Happy Monday all!

Today totally reminded me why we need to have crappy days (like yesterday) sometimes… So that the next day can be awesome! I woke up early to get in a sweaty yoga class with my man Dave Farmar, and I was SO glad that I did. There’s nothing like completely filling my lungs and sweating in the morning to know my day is going to be fabulous.

I talked with several friends on the way to school and managed to run into another one while I waited for my class to start. Chatting with friends is such a pick-me-up, even if it’s just texting each other silly things. I love the interaction 🙂

I had a really great first voice lesson back from the holiday break, and I feel so good about my progress and how I’m feeling when I sing right now. Yoga is absolutely helping me get more in touch with my breath and my body, so there is no way I’m giving up on my 40 days anytime soon!

I had a sweet lunch at my all-time favorite Cambridge eatery, Life Alive, then had an appointment and did my grocery shopping at the Co-Op over there for the second time. They have such an awesome selection of organic and local products, and the prices are super reasonable! Not to mention their bulk bins are to die for- 7 different kinds of lentils and way too many granolas to choose just one?? I might have found foodie heaven.

With my freshly re-stocked fridge, I made some beef and bean (and veggie) chili to warm me up after being out in the cold. Now I have the pleasure of getting to Skype with my mom before diving into some reading and homework.


How did you start off your Monday?

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Breathe it all out

Today I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps. As I’d previously mentioned here, I’ve gained a bit of weight since beginning my journey through recovery and finding out about intuitive eating. However, it’s been difficult for me to accept my body with this additional weight. Although I know some of it is healthy, I feel like I am bigger now than I’m happy with, and not in an exaggerated way. I am trying to love my body as it is, but I also think that I can be more mindful about what I need to eat and what will nourish me.

I’ve also been spending considerably less time at the gym because of the cold, but I think I’ve been kind of using that as an excuse. I’ve decided I really want to get back into running but strength training is really important to me too, so starting tomorrow I’m not giving myself excuses anymore. I love sweating and working out, and I am glad I took a bit of a break from hardcore workouts for about a week and a half, but I know it’s time for me to get back to doing what I know feels good for me and what will truly make me happy.

So on this Sunday, I’m going to breathe through this negativity I’ve been feeling and exhale it all out. I’m continuing to learn about my body and myself, and I know to feel my best I need to kick myself in the pants to get back to business. I’m not allowing myself to be lazy about my singing anymore, so I’m going to spread the motivation throughout my life and get moving! 🙂 Here’s to a great new start on Monday!!

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40 days of yoga!!

After a fabulous start to the weekend yesterday, today was a bit more low key. I’ve been studying, practicing (!!!) and reading. Along with my decision to commit completely to music right now and for the next year and a half, I know I need to be practicing much more. As with any habit, it takes time for it to become part of your routine and I think it’s high time I have myself the kick in the pants I need to make it happen.

I wanted to share that I’ve started a mini-challenge to myself, both mentally and physically, to do 40 consecutive days of yoga! I’ve been going strong for a week now and I’m already feeling changes in my mindfulness in everyday activities- like just breathing when I’m stressed waiting for the bus, or reminding myself that my body knows what it needs in terms of food and sleep. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I grow and come into myself over the next 30+ days.

I’m off to eat some delicious takeout garden veggie pizza and watch a chick flick with my roomie now!

Happy Saturday!!

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I have time

Happy Friday!

My morning started off a bit stressfully since I didn’t set an alarm and just let myself sleep in, but I know it was the right choice because I’ve felt more rested all day because of it! I also made time for a super invigorating yoga practice at home and was able to channel my on-the-mat mentality into my morning, by focusing on letting go and reminding myself I had time. It’s such a hard thing for us to do sometimes, because we are in a society that is always GOING, but it’s so important to remind ourselves we have time.

Time to do our chores.
Time to sleep.
Time to see our loved ones.
Time to sweat.
Time to relax.
Time to breathe and just be.
After I reminded myself this, I was able to get on with the rest of my day with a sense of mindfulness.

When I got to campus, I had a couple classes and then was off to grab drinks with one of my good friends, and we split a delicious pitcher of red wine sangria. It was some of the best I’ve had, and at $14 for what turned into over 2.5 glasses each, we definitely got our money’s worth!

Happy hour has got to be one of my favorite things now that I’m over 21, but unfortunately Massachusetts doesn’t celebrate it! But, in moderation, I think a couple drinks to chill out from the week and catch up with a lovely friend, is a great way to start my weekend. 🙂

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Hey friends!

First of all, thank you so so so much to everyone that has been following along on this little blog of mine!! I can’t believe that 100 people have decided my little slice of the Internet is worth paying attention to. 🙂

This Thursday is pretty wonderful because I managed to file my loan reimbursement form (yesss for not losing more money!!) and had a really fantastic talk with my pianist about my future with music and I got to get a lot of my thoughts out in the open. I have recently been questioning whether being a performer is really the career I want to pursue, especially given the lifestyle it would involve. I really enjoy singing but there are other things in my life that I am passionate about too. This has been an ongoing internal debate for several months now but talking about it today helped me at least confirm one thing. I am going to give 100% of myself to singing and completely commit to doing everything I can to improve my voice for the next year and a half until I graduate. After that, I can reassess and decide what I want to do. At the moment, the most important thing for me to do is work hard and not get lazy, or give myself any excuses for not working hard. I’m committed and until June 2015, I don’t get to change my mind.

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Latest obsession

Happy hump day lovelies!

The Millennium series by Stieg Larsson is killing me right now. I watched the first movie and have been bizarrely obsessed with finishing the book series ever since my room mate lent me the trilogy over the weekend.
If you’ve seen the movie or read any of the books, you know what a twisted and somewhat disturbing plot line it has, and the main character, Lisbeth Salander is something else entirely.

The writing is so intricate and detailed, but once I started reading I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I am definitely a voracious reader and can get through books pretty darn quickly when I set my mind to it, but this one is taking me some time! I may have stayed up wayyy past my bedtime several nights in a row now because I couldn’t put the book down….

But I am absolutely loving being immersed in books again, since it’s something I used to do ALL THE TIME when I was a kid but kind of fell out of when high school and college started to make reading a chore.

I know I’ll be done with this series pretty soon, given how obsessed I’ve become, so do you have any suggestions for me to read next? I’ve gotta do something to pass the time on these snow days! 😉

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