Why do I do it?

Today I’m happy about: enjoying yesterday night by going out to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with friends- complete with some of the best vodka cranberry’s I’ve ever had! We watched a performance on campus afterwards and I was blessed to have a hilarious ride home with a friend instead of braving the cold and bus situation.

And today I am particularly happy about going to the gym on campus even with the actually freezing temps outside. I really love and appreciate all the things my body can do, and exercise feels like such a great way to honor that and make the most of my health. However, today I felt a distinctly different connection to my workout than I do when I practice yoga.

Although both types of exercise get my body sweating, during yoga it’s all about me against myself and how I can hold onto a pose for just a few more cycles of breath, while today at the gym I noticed I was comparing myself to others and gauging my experience there, by what I perceived theirs to be. While it’s clearly easier for me to remain focused on myself when I practice at home, I recognized the different mindset I used at the gym and felt disappointed in myself for allowing my ego to tell me my own workout was not good enough.

So I dug down deep and thought about why I was working out. Why was I there despite the cold and long bus wait to get to the gym? And the truth was I was there for myself. Because I wanted to use my strong and healthy body to push myself through a challenging, heavy weights workout. I would be lying if I said it was that easy to stop thinking about everyone else there and just get back in my zone, but refocusing my thoughts definitely helped.

I workout for me. Not for people to comment on my body. Not to get more attention from boys. Not to be able to eat cake everyday. (Although that might creep in there occasionally…lol) but the reason I prioritize exercise on a daily basis is because it really makes me feel alive. And I LOVE that feeling. 🙂

Happy Sunday beautifuls!
I hope you do whatever you feel like today and move your body however it wants to be moved.

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One thought on “Why do I do it?

  1. Just Me says:

    Lovely post. 🙂

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