Pushing past what’s comfortable

Today I’m happy about: pushing myself.

Pushing myself to go to the gym even though it was freezing outside, and having a bomb.com workout to boot!

Pushing myself to write about the uncomfortable things I felt over the weekend before going to bed last night so I could wake up refreshed.

Pushing myself to use my optimism for myself and not just for others.

Pushing myself out of my strict food rules and savoring a delicious hot apple cider this afternoon before my doctor’s appointment, and eating carbs at EACH meal today because this morning I worked out legs. HARD.


I am thankful for all these opportunities to look at things with a different perspective because I want to grow and live my most fulfilled life, every day!

How did you push yourself today? What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing today?

Happy Tuesday, and official Thanksgiving break for me!

Happiness Starts Here

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