Double-Checking isn’t just for 2nd graders

Today I’m happy about: being a double-checking student- I submitted the wrong assignment to my online class yesterday, and had worked on it for hours before turning it in. Luckily this morning, I was going through my past assignments and realized it in time to correspond with my professor to get an extension to turn in the correct assignment! Oof what a stressful few emails that was, but I am SO happy I keep my work so I was able to re-do it correctly!
It seems like such a small thing, but when you’ve worked hard on something you feel proud of the product, and realizing I had completely screwed up I wanted to make sure my work wasn’t for nothing.

I’ve had a pretty great Monday so far regardless, complete with a truly fabulous voice lesson earlier.

I hope your Monday is going wonderfully! Only one more day of class and then this girl’s on break!

Happiness Starts Here

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