Open yourself up to the potential

Today I’m happy about: freeing myself about my plans for the future. I’ve been following a very specific path for so long, somewhere along the way I stopped listening to my inner guide to see if it was really what I wanted. Now that I am allowing myself to check in and see how I truly feel, I am beginning to free my mind to explore other possibilities for my future. Although it is certainly scary to deviate from the “master plan,” I am also excited about all the potential in the unknowns!
As I get older, certain things like friends and family and where I live are becoming more important to me, and I want to honor these realizations. I am not making any rash changes right now, but I am opening myself up to all that I want to do in this life, and I feel liberated just thinking about it.

Have any of you ever made a drastic career change? How did you know it was right? Do you wish you could go back and do it differently?

I hope you are having a lovely day!

Happiness Starts Here

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