Why aren’t you here?

Today I’m happy about: keeping my cool! I had a great morning workout, think I did decently on my first grad school exam (yikes!) and had a pleasant afternoon in downtown Boston before a rehearsal. BUT as I arrived, I was told I could skip it so I made my way halfway home before I got a phone call saying I was needed! Cue freak out moment. I hurried back (via both a train and a bus) only to be called once more to let me know I didn’t have to come in! All in all, it ended up being nice to find out I wouldn’t be out till the early hours of the morning getting home from across town, but man what a whirlwind of 2 hours!
Excuse my lack of understanding about public transportation, since I’m still a newbie but MAN did I miss my car today! Thankfully I was able to stay positive throughout most of the ordeal, and it ended up not ruining my day at all, since I know a few weeks ago I might not have reacted the same way.

Hope you had a slightly less confusing Tuesday!

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