The bus don’t wait for nobody

Today I’m happy about: thinking on my feet, and having a reinvigorating appointment this evening. It was a busy day, but so many things went well and thanks to my time management skills, I managed to accomplish everything I was hoping to.
On my way to said appointment, I was faced with the MBTA obstacle- names that the buses NEVER run on time! Even though I wasn’t in the most commercial part of town, I managed to hail a cab and arrived on time with just seconds to spare. Even though today was made up of a variety of small, good things, I am proud of myself for keeping a patient mindset. Waiting has always been difficult for me because I’m a go-getter, but also because I get anxious and fidgety when waiting. The age-old saying that patience is a virtue could not be more true, so I am working on letting myself be more patient.

I hope you had a marvelous Monday!

Happiness Starts Here


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