Naturally sweetened

Today I’m happy about: keeping the tone of my whole day positive. I read lifebeinggirly‘s post about anxiety yesterday and in the spirit of combatting my anxiety rather than letting it take over, I tried to employ some of her coping techniques.
I had a good amount of rehearsal today, but I managed to get in a good sweat session at the gym this morning and enjoyed a fantastic vegan chickpea “tuna” melt from one of my favorite quick cafe’s Blue State Coffee. Throughout my day I had really good and not necessarily deep, but real conversations with people on 3 separate occasions and that made me feel really good about myself.
I stumbled upon a video online yesterday about ways to instantly make yourself happier, and it suggested that showing gratitude can increase your happiness, so all day I’ve tried to be mindful of my interactions with others and have worked to stay in my “feel-good” place.
For anyone who has anxiety, or who has faced depression or disordered thinking of any kind, sometimes getting to that place can seem like the longest journey in the world but when we do finally get there it feels like it could slip through our fingers at any time. My goal is not to latch onto happiness because I don’t want to be hanging on for dear life, I want it to exist within me in an organic way, but for that to happen I need to become more aware of what I can personally do to help myself.

Like I said earlier, this week has been a bit of a struggle for me, but I know I am going to make it through because I truly want to.

Happy Saturday friends!

Happiness Starts Here


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