Don’t just let the world happen to you

Today I’m happy about: having a seriously amazing and intense workout this morning. I felt full of energy and pushed my muscles to their absolute limit without worrying or caring about anything but accomplishing that. I felt so satisfied after completing that workout and I think it has helped reignite my flame for why I love working out so much.
I love feeling excited about waking up in the morning, and between my music and workouts and the support from my family and boyfriend, I am feeling in a good place right now.

However, this weekend I will still be making the commitment to meet with someone to talk about my anxiety and a few other issues. I can’t stress enough how important it is to address these problems- they don’t make you crazy, abnormal or beyond help, if anything, reaching out is what makes you strong and will help you make the most of your amazing and wonderful life.

Happy Friday night! I am always here if you want to share a few words, or a lot of them.

Happiness Starts Here


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