Cambridge friends and a truth

Today unhappy about: making new friends in Cambridge. I had a great time getting to know a couple girls who are also going to school in Boston, and I’m so happy we had a chance to meet up. I followed our lovely coffee date with finally purchasing my rain boots for the winter months that are fast approaching and the most cramped 30 minutes I’ve ever spent in a Trader Joe’s- props to all the employees stocking shelves while we were all lumbering around trying to find everything we wanted!

The future looks bright and tomorrow will be a great day, latching onto this positivity because I’ve been feeling a bit down this week despite trying to avoid that. It’s not easy but there are some real steps I’m planning on taking this coming week to sort out the way I’ve been feeling. I really believe you need to love and accept yourself before anyone else can even have a chance to feel the same way about you, so I am holding on to who I know I am for dear life and hoping that will be enough.

Happy Saturday folks!

Happiness Starts Here

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