Listen to yourself

Today I’m happy about: enjoying some delicious chocolate along with loads of bread and hummus and veggies. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and cravings and ignore what the societal “right” thing to eat is. This is something I still struggle with after recovering from some seriously disordered eating, and being able to cast aside “should’s” and just listening to my body and my soul is the most liberating, freeing and actually healthy thing to do. As a very active person who works out at a high intensity almost every day, it is essential for me to fuel my body the right way so that I’m able to recover and perform again the way I want to, not only in weightlifting but in my musical career.

Even though it’s going to continue to be a challenge, the only way for me to keep moving in the right direction is to keep listening to myself. So I encourage all of you to be true to what you know is right for you and ignore what anyone or anything else may try to dictate to you.

With that said, I hope you’re all kicking off your weekend with some fun!

Happiness Starts Here

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