Cozy home for grad school

Today I’m happy about: having woken up in a real bed that I made this morning! After some apartment insanity with delayed moving in, cleaning issues and all-around bad timing, I am finally settled into my new Boston apartment quite cozily! I even got through my first day of class with relatively little stress! I am so thankful I have been able to get settled, since I have a big audition tomorrow and want to do my best.

Hopefully tonight I can rest up and be prepared for what Wednesday will bring!

Here’s a quote that really hit home with me today and basically encompasses how I’ve been feeling this entire summer:

“Much of the pain in life comes from having a life plan that you’ve fallen in love with, but that doesn’t work out. Having to find a new life plan hurts. The trick is not to become too attached to any particular life plan and to remember that there is always a better, even-happier life plan out there somewhere.”
– Karen Salmansohn, “Instant Happy”

Happiness Starts Here

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