Like a boss

Today I’m happy about: having clean hair. It’s the simplest thing, but somehow after a couple days of not washing it (yeah, gross I know, but it’s better for your scalp that way!) I feel SO refreshed and happy to be able to play with my blonde locks again.

On another note, after a weird and unplanned hiatus from weight lifting for the past 3-ish weeks, tomorrow I am back in full force! I absolutely LOVE lifting and getting stronger, so although my body has enjoyed the rest and recuperation time, I know I’m ready to get back in that weight room and show the plates who’s boss.

What are you planning to get you through hump day? Exercise and the endorphins I get from it always propel any blah day into one that’s at least manageable, if not great.

Happiness Starts Here

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2 thoughts on “Like a boss

  1. katyhancock says:

    I’m taking a trip to get some italian ice on Wednesday!

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