Baby steps on this journey

Today I’m happy about: having a stress-free day. I had 5 hours of work, a doctor’s appt, got my car cleaned, ran errands and ended my evening with a totally delicious bison burger from The Counter with the family. I am so looking forward to my day off tomorrow and already have plans to do yoga, see a movie and meet up with some old family friends.

I’m starting to really understand (and be able to actually implement) the idea that happiness is truly appreciating and enjoying the moment. There will always be something for my anxiety-prone brain to over analyze, but the key to unlocking my happiness is to be mindful. Mindful of when I am unhappy, mindful of when I am upset. Mindful of what is causing these feelings, and not casting them aside but addressing them and allowing myself to move through them. This can’t be accomplished all in one day, possibly not even in a lifetime, but it’s something I look forward to getting better at.

Happy hump day! Any plans for tomorrow or Friday to get you through the rest of the week?

Happiness Starts Here

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