Bumblebee yellow

Today I’m happy about: my bright yellow polo shirt and meeting new and interesting people at my job. I am finally having the opportunity to use my brain at work and am offering advice about nutrition and supplements that I have been studying for years myself! God my brain really likes being put to use.

On a weird and unfortunate side note I had a panic attack this morning before work… I’m not sure what exactly triggered it as I had been having a really great morning but I am doubly looking forward to meeting with my doctor to get this figured out. I deal with a lot of anxiety and I am hoping my doc will be able to help me sort this out, as doing it on my own does not seem to be working so well anymore. I am thankful to be home right now so I can try to get it figured out in a safe environment and I am optimistic about my future and coping with my anxiety.

Does anyone else suffer from this? It can definitely be crippling but I’m tired of letting it run my life and I refuse to let it get the best of me.

Keep calm and carry on, it’s only Monday after all!

Happiness Starts Here

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