Bright colors

Today I’m happy about: the bright coral and teal colors I’m wearing. I’m a firm believer that colors can affect and in this case enhance our mood. So why not wear something that’s bright and cheerful?
Teal is my soul color (yes, I’m aware of how spiritual and cheesy that sounds) and considering I have it tattooed on my body, I can honestly say it always makes me happy to look at.

What’s your favorite color? Does wearing it make you feel more confident or optimistic?
Yellow’s another favorite of mine, my room is even painted a light shade of it.

Happiness Starts Here

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2 thoughts on “Bright colors

  1. I’m crazy about baby blue. Wearing it just makes me wanna smile unconditionally. Thank you for reminding me, I sometimes tend to forget what makes me genuinely happy with its mere existance. Great post!

    • fitsingingrunner says:

      That was my favorite color growing up actually! And you’re more than welcome, thanks for replying 🙂

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